March 2019 - Newsletter

Professional Chinese climber Abond climbing Equinox in Joshua Tree. Photo: Ben Horton

Professional Chinese climber Abond climbing Equinox in Joshua Tree. Photo: Ben Horton


Highlight: ACCESS Chile

Portfolio: Matthew Cicanese

Commercial Projects: Eagle Creek Campaign, Bahia Fine Art Shoot

Where We’ve Been, Where We Are, Where We’re Going


ACCESS Chile - With Eylene Pirez, Ben Horton, and Connor Guest

Throughout history, science and adventure have been intimately related.  Many of the greatest expeditions of all time have taken place in the name of science.   The goal of ACCESS Chile is to remind us that adventures with purpose are integral to the development of our society, and to inspire the next generation of explorers.   In the three part series, we attempted to climb Aconcagua to talk about the effects of high altitude on the body, then we climbed to 22,000 feet on Llullallaco to examine the archeological findings of Johan Reinhard.  The series finished with an episode focussed on astronomy, and the science behind the Alma observatory. This project is a passion project for us at ACCESS Collective, and we have self funded the majority of the series.  We’ve partnered with ROAM for distribution, and aim to release the first episodes this year.  This project wouldn’t have been possible without your support via the Indiegogo campaign and also with help from brand partners, namely Sneakz Organic and bnotes.

Meet The Collective

Matthew Cicanese

Matthew is a master of telling big stories about small things.  His attention to detail is second to none, and his use of meticulous lighting to highlight what matters in an image is a true art form.  His personal work centers around discovery, conservation, and education. See More of Matthews Work Here

Recent Commercial Projects

Eagle Creek | Quintana Roo

Creative Brief: Real Emotion, genuine experiences, and unique places are critical elements to represent the brand. The products are designed to be aesthetic and functional in rough, hands-on travel environments.

Concept: Three travelers in Quintana Roo, Mexico who opt to get outside of the usual travel patterns that the majority of tourists fall into. With Tulum as a base of operations rather than a destination.

Execution: In five days, we scoured the landscape around Tulum. At first, it was hard to break away from the crowds, considering that Tulum has become such a hub for travelers in the last five years. However, we found that just 2 1/2 hours south of Tulum, Lago Bacalar had a plethora of locations for us to explore and these led to our best images for the campaign.


Shooting Wall Art for the Bahia Cabo Hotel

Creative Brief: The Bahia Hotel was in need of updated imagery for the interior of the hotel. As we had already helped develop the atmosphere in their beach club, Sur, they asked for a campaign that would link the two spaces together. The primary request was for a fashion aesthetic in the images, but they also needed to highlight the experiences that were on offer to their guests.

Concept: Our method was to work with Aleksandra Rastovich, a top fashion model who is also an avid adventurer. Her comfort in the ocean, ability to surf, and athletic lifestyle meant that she would have no trouble with the activities that we would be undertaking.

Execution: Most of the images were shot in a fully photojournalistic style, by setting up activities in the best light of the day, and letting Aleksanda just take advantage of what was on hand. Her ability to be self aware in front of a camera and blend her fashion background into the activities made it easy for the photographer (Ben Horton) to focus on the image.


Where We’ve Been

  • The Atacama Desert

  • Patagonia

  • Quintana Roo

  • Cabo San Lucas

  • California

  • China

  • Llullallaco

  • Aconcagua

  • Iceland


Where We Are

  • Patagonia

  • Los Angeles

  • San Diego

  • Jackson

  • Oregon

  • New Zealand

  • Panama


Where We’re Going

  • Colorado

  • China

  • Tahiti

  • Hawaii

  • Cocobola Reserve

  • Mozambique

  • Sri Lanka

  • Iceland

  • Tulum