June 2019 - Newsletter

A cave diver enters Systema Taj Ma Ha with light rays depending from a Cenote in the background.

A cave diver enters Systema Taj Ma Ha with light rays depending from a Cenote in the background.


Recent Projects: Underwater Cave Exploration - Ben Horton
Meet The Collective: Sarah Orbanic

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Recent Projects

By Ben Horton

To be honest, there was no part of me that ever wanted to be a cave diver. To swim willingly away from a infinite source of air, into a labyrinth of underground passages with no light, limited air supply, and no room for error. So when National Geographic asked me to shoot an upcoming job in China, surveying new cave systems, I did my best to talk them out of the concept… But, in the end, we decided to go ahead with the original plan. To prepare myself for the job, I spent a month in Tulum training with Kim Davidson, an established and respected cave explorer. I didn’t just learn how to survive in a cave, I learned that there are very good reasons for exploring these passageways. Besides the beauty, it’s a way for us to directly study our water table, search for archeological gold mines from the era’s when the caves were dry (in Mexico that was 18,000 years ago during the last ice age), and my favorite reason, to find incredibly beautiful places that have never before been seen by an eye of any kind.

Meet The Collective - Portfolio: Sarah Orbanic

Sarah Orbanic -Sarah is a master at showing beauty and strength in the same image. Her work blends fashion, beauty, and powerful women. Sarah was a very successful fitness model before she decided to move to the other side of the camera, her work is a product of understanding what it's like to create a powerful image on both sides of the lens. We love what she brings to the team at ACCESS Collective because she brings a refined, fashion, and beauty aesthetic to travel and outdoors photography.




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