A Conversation with Physicist and Mountaineer Eylene Pirez

Eylene Pirez

Written by National Geographic Explorer Ben Horton

Those of us who have a passion for the outdoors and adventure almost always have a deep appreciation for the natural world that extends beyond the aesthetic beauty of the environment. When we really care about something, we want to know everything about it, we dive into the details, and try to gather a deeper understanding of the processes that have created these environments where our adventures play out.

Eylene is Bridging the Science Gap

Scientists have long led our explorations into the unknown. They are the ones pushing out into space, and spending long, lightless winters huddled in cramped shacks on the earth's poles. They climb mountains to test theories, and they dive to the bottom of the ocean to seek out new life.

There has been a huge disconnect between the scientific community and the rest of us, but it’s often not because they don’t try. It usually takes a science communicator like Carl Sagan, Bill Nye, or Neil Degrasse Tyson to simplify the data and explain it in a way that entertains us enough to listen.

I sat down recently for a conversation with Eylene Pirez, a Cuban born physicist who’s first job in an observatory on top of Mt. Wilson instilled in her a passion for mountaineering. Eylene is looking to bridge the gap between adventure and science, and show us how the two are intimately linked, and to show us that the more we know about the places we are visiting, the deeper our experience will be.

Access Collective is supporting Eylene and building a platform that enables her mission to bring the adventure and science communities together in hopes that it may inspire the next generation of explorer/scientists. We will be producing a multi-episode series over the course of a three month journey in Chile’s most harsh and beautiful natural environments.

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