Atacama Desert Photography Tour


Atacama Desert Photography Tour

Landscape, Adventure, and Astrophotography in the worlds most vibrant desert.

Join National Geographic explorer and photographer Ben Horton along with physicist and photographer Eylene Pirez on an excursion through one of the worlds most vibrant deserts. Ben and Eylene will be in Chile filming an adventure science documentary featuring Eylene as she makes her way through Chile’s harshest environments. After filming in the Atacama Desert, we’ve had them set aside time to host this experience where they can share their passion for photography and adventure with a select few.

Workshop Hosts


Ben Horton - National Geographic Explorer and Photographer

Ben’s career as a photographer was born out of his past as a professional whitewater kayaker and snowboarder.  He could go places other people simply couldn't go.  The more remote the location, the harder it was to get there, the more appeal it had for him.  It wasn’t long before Ben moved on to working in the commercial world, and was picked up by some of the top names in fashion and advertising.  As it goes, Ben’s passion for the outdoors caught ahold of him once again while shooting a documentary project on a remote island in the Pacific.  Ben was awarded the first ever National Geographic Young Explorers Grant for work he did to expose the issue of shark poaching on Cocos Island and as a result, he was invited to join National Geographic Explorer in Residence Will Steger on a two month arctic adventure, using photography to document the effects of global warming.  Ben is now a contributing photographer for National Geographic, and is currently working with National Geographic as a host for the television show "Extreme China" that follows him as he photographs the most remote and inaccessible parts of China.

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Eylene Pirez - Physicist and Photographer

Eylene Pirez is an adventure photographer and published physicist. She resides in California and recently completed her graduate degree in Physics at UCLA. She has worked on imaging systems on-board the NASA’s Cassini spacecraft, dark matter experiments and particle accelerator technologies for state-of the-art applications in several areas of scientific research.

Eylene is the host of the Astrophysics eHow video series which has reached all continents of the globe. Eylene was born in Cuba and grew up under harsh political restrictions which has driven her passion for world travel and exploration. Practicing outdoor sports such as mountaineering allows her to travel to hard to reach locations and capture unique experiences. Eylene has led treks across the Sahara desert, summited some of China’s tallest peaks, backpacked through Iceland and many others countries.

Known for her minimalist, solo travel style, she is also a leader and educator in the outdoors community. Eylene is the lead guide and organizer of SoCal's hiking and mountaineering club with over 300 members. She is also an Arc'teryx La Brea brand ambassador and plays a role in content creation and in-store events. 


We will spend 4 days traveling through the Atacama on a carefully crafted tour featuring some of the best photography locations in the Atacama. During the day, we will optimize our time during the golden hours of dawn and dusk to photograph the incredible landscapes around the San Pedro de Atacama area. At night, the Atacama desert is the holy grail for those interested in astrophotography. With incredibly dry atmosphere, minimal light pollution, and a dynamic landscape, there is no better place on the planet to practice the art of night photography. An exact schedule will be created in the weeks before the tour begins, based on local weather, and locations that we have scouted while filming.

Key Loctaions

  • Valle de la Luna

  • Valle del Arcoiris

  • Laguna Verda

  • Laguna Tebinquinche.


Dates: Dec 13th-16th

Group Size: Up to 4 (plus hosts)


Single Occupancy $6,200 USD

Double Occupancy $5,400 USD


  • Transportation from Calama Airport

  • Transportation to and from locations

  • Lodging Close to the Photography Locations

  • Meals

Not Included

  • Flights

  • Photographic Equipment

  • Personal Items/Alcohol

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